Advantage and Disadvantages of using NEMA 3R enclosures for Outdoor Applications

Pros of NEMA 3R Enclosures for Outdoor Applications Continued… 

However, the biggest advantage of using NEMA 3R enclosure is that it can protect your equipment in a wide range of harsh and hazardous weather conditions while being cost-effective. It is important to note that the higher the protection a NEMA enclosure provides, the higher the cost will be.  

It is important to note that a cost of an enclosure also highly depends on different factors such as material used in making the enclosure and the style & specifications needed. But generally speaking, NEMA 3R is the most cost-efficient enclosure among the rest.  

Cons of NEMA 3R Enclosures for Outdoor Applications 

With all the advantages discuss din the last article, any engineer should note that NEMA 3R while can protect equipment in wide range of applications, it has the lowest protection level among other outdoor enclosures. In case of extreme weather conditions, NEMA 3R enclosures are not suitable. 

For example, NEMA 3R electrical enclosures are not allowed to be exposed in too much sunlight if it is made out of ABS plastic. It can potentially deform in shape after exposing it to too much UV rays. Because 3R enclosures can also be cost-efficient, NEMA 3R can be manufactured using ABS plastics. In addition to this, unlike other enclosures NEMA 3R enclosures are not made with water resistant gaskets thus it should not be used for applications where there is a possibility of water ingress.  

In summary, NEMA 3R are not designed to withstand and tolerate hazardous and extreme weathers that are commonly dealt with in several industries such as: marine offshore companies, waste water treatment plants, and other companies that heavily deals with hazardous chemicals. For these certain type of applications, higher NEMA enclosure type is required to be used to avoid putting electrical equipment in higher risk. 

Commonly used NEMA enclosures for Extreme and Hazardous Outdoor Applications 

If a company requires enclosures to be used for extreme weather conditions, there are other type of NEMA enclosures that can be used. One of which is NEMA 4 enclosures that provides a higher level of protection for water ingress and it can provide protection for sensitive electronic machinery to prolonged exposure to moisture and water.  

Other NEMA enclosure types that are used for extreme and hazardous weather conditions are: 1, 2, 3, 4X, 6, 6P, 12 and 13. It has certain specifications and degree of protection to house electrical equipment both in hazardous indoor and outdoor use. It can give companies level of protection for their equipment from any type of ingress and external ice formation. 

In Summary.. 

Even if NEMA 3R enclosures can be considered as the most economical and cost-efficient choice for an enclosure, they cannot be used in all outdoor applications. Some applications can require protection from hazardous environments and NEMA 3R is not the best option you can have. The efficiency of NEMA 3R enclosure depends on where it will be used and what environment it will be used.