How to Search for Plastic Enclosures through their Applications and Uses

There are companies that has a live chat function on their websites to attract more customers to start a conversation with them. Especially if companies are seeking for help for a certain enclosure application. My guess is there are customers who would previously have searched through the site until they found out what they are looking for. This is a serious waste of time if they can just chat the customer representative. Because that is a lot of product to search through.

Now with the live chat features and abilities, the customers can ask for help if they have a specific inquiry about a product they have in mind – without browsing through the huge list of products. Also, aside from the livechat, there are other types of DIY search of the products. You have to segregate them via filters.

First search method: classify by type of application

Handheld applications – these enclosures that are included in this type of application are specifically manufactured and designed to fit comfortably in our hands. This options include the molded-in and installed battery compartments, the keyfob style and the curved handgrips.

NEMA / Gasket type – specifically designed to quality NEMA and IP ratings, these type of enclosures have included gaskets to give protection against moisture and dust. There are several available enclosures that can be used in high temperature with UV-stabilized materials designed for outdoor use.

Potting boxes – these are the smallest enclosures that can be usually found with the potting compound to securely place the electronics. This also offers the optional glue-on covers. There are several series that can give you a wide variety of style choices.

Wall Mount / Flanged – these products are designed to meet the needs for having a secured surface: it can be a wall, desk top, or even inside the space of other equipment and machinery. In this, you can find an enclosure for home in this series.

Desktop / Instrument – these are the aesthetically pleasing plastic electronic enclosures that does not require a molded-on mounting of the equipment.

Key Fob / Remote Control  – these type of enclosures are designed to have a palm-sized measurements and they can be ideally used for any type of remote control application.

Utility / General Use – these are for the projects that have a wide variety of requirements, you can also find nearly any type of project box that you will be needing here. Plug-In – these are the AC adapter that can be wall plugged in different sizes and options.