What are the Major Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Server Rack?

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Together with the heat that was being produced through denser technologies, it is very important to have a holistic understanding of the major roles that are being played by the server racks. They play an important role to your data center cooling strategy that is very crucial and essential. The type of rack that you choose will heavily depend on the various cooling methods utilized in the environment that you are in.

The baseline kilowatts of the heat being generated greatly varies. It also depends on which type and density of the equipment being used. It can range from 4 kW-12kW or it can be more and also it depends on the rack being used. Together with a handful of experts that estimates the probable rise of high-density environments and the designs that will be used in the future for several equipment will eventually have an output of 30-50 kW per rack.

There are several type of server electronics enclosure racks:

Fully Perforated Server Racks: if you want to achieve a fully perforated rack to get the maximum air flow possible given that the major way of cooling your system in the data center or server room will utilize ambient air cooling, this server rack is a good option for you. Given that there are fans, air handlers, room air conditioning for computer rooms, and blowers.

Fully-Sealed Server Racks: You can choose a fully-sealed rack once the liquid inside the cooling unit or rack air conditioner will be utilized in the environment your server rack in installed.

There are presence of power-intensive applications and server densities that were being greatly increased. Where the liquid cooling units are being greatly utilized. The liquid cooling units are the high-density cooling solutions that uses air or water heat exchangers to give uniform cooling. They are also modular and temperature-neutral.

One of the primary benefits of having self-contained liquid comprising of cooling units is that they can give results that has little or no impact on your existing HVAC system. These liquid cooling units are installed on the rack base. These rack “side car” contains three cooling modules that can be used possibly per equipment rack. It can also give an overall cooling capacity system of 30kW.

The rack air conditioners are primarily not being utilized in environment where traditional data center consists of adequate CRAC systems. Although, once the IT equipment is placed outside the controlled data center of the environment – such as factory or warehouse – the utilization of rack air conditioners are important.

It is also very crucial to remember that the rack air conditioners are primarily intended to be used for industrial or very large spaces. They can also generate much condensation and noise. They will eventually result in exhaustion of hot air into the room where the electronics enclosure is placed. When situated in a large room, the heat will eventually dissipate.