What are the Right Questions to Ask a Manufacturer Regarding Server Rack?

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Design engineers can spend their working days just thinking and designing the best electronics equipment they could ever come up with. However, they quickly panic when they are asked about specifications of a server rack. Well, I guess it is going to require a different set of skill because this entails shying away from their expertise and they will invest into a more mechanical or physical world. In order to make this job easier for them, in this article we will discuss about four questions that engineers should ask in order for them to make sure that they will be successful in their typical everyday work.

What is the size of the server rack enclosure?

What is the specific measurements of server rack that is going to be required? While a certain server or dimensions may be unidentified, it is crucial to keep in mind these several factors. There should be at least just a few inches on each side in order to have a better cable flow or management. The size of the room should also be greatly considered so that they would know which of the cabinets are going to be placed.

Does it need temperature cooling?

What will be the cooling requirements of each server rack? In respect with its specifications, what heat would it potentially generate? There are several approaches to cooling, from having exhaust fans to cooling water that is piped through the cabinet. The solution that will be available and required will have a huge impact on every decision process.

What is needed to be assembled?

How much time will be widely available and should be spent on doing assembly and installation? There are possible cost impacts that this time will require just to get the rack and the equipment working for the server racks. A knock down server rack will of course have much lower cost, but then the cost of labor should be required to complete and install the unit.

What are the accessories that will be needed?

What are the accessories the business will require for the server rack? There are times that an extra pair of mounting rails are required to make sure that there will be an secured installation. The exhaust fans, power strips, shelving and other internal lighting and cable management systems are possible needs that should be greatly considered.